May 8, 2014, by admin

Do You Need a New Group for Success?

Sometimes, I’ll hear a phrase for the first time and then, in seeming rapid succession, I’ll hear it from two or three other people. I wondered if this phenomenon had...

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May 6, 2014, by admin

Better Business: Get Your Cash Faster

From time to time, Biziversity will run Better Business, tips, tactics or information that will help you run your business better. Even if some of them seem straightforward, these are...

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March 16, 2014, by admin

Four Free (or Almost Free) Finds

From time to time, I'll post free or low-costs finds I come across in my reporting. Here's the first batch. 1. Numbers and research: Market research can be expensive, but Moody's...

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February 12, 2014, by admin

Optimists Are Not Obnoxious

The first time I really thought of myself as an optimist was during a phone call with a colleague who was going through a long period of dissatisfaction with her...

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February 8, 2014, by admin

The Power of Starting

It starts with an idea. A flash. An insight. We can create something that has meaning and value. Perhaps the creation might help people or make the world slightly better. Whoa....

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